Mee Memorial Hospital Dialysis Unit is the only center with a perfect score, 100 out of 100 in Quality Incentive Program within a region that encompasses 280 dialysis centers

Mee Memorial Dialysis team members, clockwise, Barbara Horne, Elizabeth Hermosillo, Adrienne Starr, Steve Tully, Shelena Perez, Laurie Bradshaw, Adam Derengowski, Ruby Perez, and Isaac Ovalle.

King City – All dialysis units’ quality of care is evaluated on a yearly basis by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services through the Quality Incentive Program.  Mee Memorial’s Dialysis Unit was the only facility in Network 17 (Northern half of California) to receive 100 points which is the maximum number of points possible. The Network has 280 facilities in its region, including the Pacific Islands. Five of these 280 facilities scored 95 points; only one hemodialysis facility scored 100 points, that being Mee Memorial.

“Absolutely a breath-taking performance. We are going to use you and your facility as a best practice and we will be asking for your processes,” Allison Kregness, RN, CNN, and Executive Director of Health Services Advisory Group enthusiastically told Mee Memorial’s Dialysis Unit.

As well as be awarded 100 points for their facility, they were also given a Five Star Rating the maximum possible from The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. The rating system is similar to those used in restaurant and movie reviews (5 stars for the best, 1 star for the worst). This new rating system is aimed at translating complicated clinical data into language that provides patients and their families with an easier way to measure how well a clinic manages their patients.

“This achievement is due to the great pride that all the dialysis employees take in their work and meticulous reporting of same. The job is more than just a paycheck to all of us” “It is also through the support of the community in providing quality equipment to the dialysis unit through donations to the Mee Memorial Hospital Foundation” said Laurie Bradshaw, Department Manager at Mee Memorial Hospital Dialysis Unit.

The Mee Memorial Foundation recently donated a Reverse osmosis water purification system for the dialysis center and over the years has been of great support to the dialysis unit. The Foundation has also donated state-of-the-art dialysis equipment to the unit, allowing it to be one of the highest ranked dialysis units around the country.

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