Community Members get bailed out of “jail” for Mee Memorial Service League Do-Gooder event

Previous years Do-Gooders locked up in jail!

King City, CA – Mee Memorial Service League is holding their Do-Gooder Event this Friday, February 10th, from 9am-2pm on MMH’s front lobby. The idea behind the Do-Gooder event is for people volunteer to be “arrested” and placed in “jail,” then have to make their “bail” amount. The volunteer “jailbird” must raise the “bail” money to be released; this can be done through phone calls to friends and family who pledge to donate either the whole bail amount or a portion of it. Bail also can be raised by asking the people who are attending the event.

Committee Chairwoman Lynnie Oliveira and her team have been busy gathering community members who have volunteered to be “arrested.” There will be four teams of jailbirds this year, Social Services Team with Steve Tully, Annette Mercado and Audelia Lopez, another team Dee Escobar and Margaret Raschella, and inviduals Lynnie Oliveira and Ashleigh Lombardi. In keeping with the spirit of the event, each team and individuals have a great sense of humor and will be working hard to make their bail.

Previous year’s pledges have allowed the Service League to continue to finance purchases of equipment and other items for Mee Memorial, its patients and staff. It also allows them to support other projects that are dear to their hearts. The Service League help out at Mee Memorial by manning the information desk, running the gift shop, calling bingo, pushing wheelchairs, holding events to thank staff and so much more!

Come on down to bail out your local jailbirds and help support a wonderful cause and great group of volunteers!

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