Service League

The Service League

Scrubs Sales are a combination fundraiser and convenient opportunity for employees.

The Mission of Mee Memorial Hospital’s Service League is to aid with community healthcare and support ALL Mee Memorial medical facilities. This group of women and men take that mission statement seriously. 

These dedicated volunteers man (or “woman” to be more exact) the gift shop and the information desk in the hospital lobby; provide thousands of dollars every year to Mee Memorial for needed equipment; support the employees; and comfort patients and their families. Over the course of a year, the Service League donates in excess of 5,000 volunteer hours.

Scrub Sale IV

It’s What We Do

Usually people who come to the hospital have questions, whether they are a visitor or patient. For many hours of the day a friendly Service League member occupies the front desk, available to answer questions such as “Where do I go for a mammogram?” “How do I find out if someone has been admitted to the hospital?” or even “I need a cup of coffee, where is the cafeteria?”


Giving Back

The list is long of the support the Service League has given the hospital through its donations. Recently that includes major funding for a new digital mammography machine, state-of-the-art dialysis equipment, fetal monitors, and furnishings for the new hospital chapel.

Service League member mans the information desk at the entrance to the hospital. The money is raised through the Gift Shop profits, and several fundraisers held throughout the year. In addition, the Service League is sponsor for the DAISY Award for Exceptional Nurses.

Mee Gift Shop

Service League members also run the Mee Gift Shop in the hospital lobby which has a wide variety of gift ideas for everyone in the family and has a faithful following among employees and community members. It is a major source of revenue that is used to make improvements to the hospital.


Helping Patients

A warm hello and comforting smile are a big boost to someone who is in the hospital. Service League members assist in long-term care by calling Bingo, reading to residents, pushing wheelchairs and helping with various activities.

If you would be interested in joining this vibrant active group of volunteers, call The Gift Shop at 831-386-7396.

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