Occupational Medicine

Worker’s compensation represents one of the largest expenses and most serious challenges for any business owner. Given the rising costs of insurance, employers are placing increasing emphasis on occupational health and safety programs.

Our staff has experience in a broad scope of industries, from agriculture to construction, healthcare to manufacturing and retail to technology. We are dedicated to keeping our employers healthy and prosperous by providing a suite of services tailored to meet their special needs. Some of these services include:

  • Breath & alcohol testing 
  • DOT / non-DOT testing 
  • Rapid drug screening 
  • Onsite digital imaging (including PACS) services 
  • Laboratory services 
  • Post-offer employment physicals 
  • DMV physicals 
  • Pulmonary /respiratory examinations 
  • Respiratory “fit” exams 
  • Pulmonary function testing 
  • Work-site assessments 
  • Audio screening 
  • Dispensing pharmacy (in Soledad) 
  • Spirometry testing 
  • Cholinesterase testing and monitoring 
  • Fitness-for-duty exams

Contact Occupational Medicine

Mee has two facilities to help with your occupational medicine needs. These services are available onsite or off at one of our modern facilities.


Greenfield (Phone: 831.674.0112) 467 El Camino Road

Soledad (Phone: 831.678.4500) 359 Gabilan Plaza Hours vary at each facility, but all are open 7 days a week.

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